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Benefits for Private Equity Firms

All-In-One Solution

Use DealPotential when deal sourcing, analyzing and evaluating a company, market or investment.

Reliable Data Sources

DealPotential uses only valid and reliable data sources and presents the data in a simple, user-friendly format with the help of AI technology.


Enhance your investment process with DealPotential, by saving valuable time. Scout new targets, benchmark against peers, and forecast performance - all in a fraction of the usual time.

Steps Towards Your Perfect Investment Match

Analyze Your Market

Stay Updated on the Latest Market Developments

Take the first step towards successful investments
with DealPotential’s market insights feature.

Acquire a comprehensive understanding of a market by analyzing market trends and gaining in-depth insights into various industries, dynamics, competition, cost- and revenue trends. 

Additionally, you have the ability to download market reports.


Find the Right Company

Track Down the Next Successful Investment Opportunities Before Anyone Else

Browse our extensive database of over 2,000,000 privately-owned and mature companies from around the world, with information on financing history, operations, stable cash flows, performance scores, growth rates, team, and more, through company search.

Supercharge our Investment decisions with DealPotential’s advanced features:

Company Comparison: Compare multiple companies side by side, gaining valuable insights.

Signals: Stay ahead with growth signals and predictive algorithms

Perfect Match: Based on the settings, we display investment opportunities according to your investment preferences.

Get Investment Insights

Unlock Access to the Most Coveted Data for Private Equity Investors

The second stride in your investment journey with DealPotential is Investor data. 

Leverage our sophisticated search filters to pinpoint specific individuals from our extensive database of 28,000+ global investors. 

Acquire valuable insights into the investment strategies, recent deals, portfolios, and personalized statistics of these investors.

With our platform, you can also tap into vital information on available dry powder and investment amounts.


You are now one step away from accessing top-tier investment intelligence platform! 

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