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Create your company profile and be searchable to investors worldwide. The Dealpotential platform lets you easily go-through several different analyzes and show your growth plans to investors.

Pitch deck creator
Together with some of the biggest Private Equity firms and Venture Capital firms we have created a “Pitch Deck Creator.” Follow our easy “step-by-step-fill-in-the-blanks” framework and make yourself a stunning pitch deck, consisting of only the content that Investors actually cares about. Only the right content in the right order!

Investor database
Search in our powerful database consisting of more than 15,000 investment firms, and scout and match with the perfect investors most likely to invest in your round.

Some of the analyzes

In the Company profile section you will be able to create informative analyzes about your company and your venture. These analyzes becomes valuable for investors looking for companies to invest in. It increases your chances of getting funded.

DealPotential Investor Database

Step 1: Investor Database

Search in our extensive Investor database consisting of more than 15,000 investment firms all across the world.

Type in a keyword (example: SaaS) and then type in the amount you are looking to raise (example: $5M).

The search results presents the investors that are potentially most likely to invest in your company, at your stage, in your industry, in your vertical, the amount you are looking for and have the best track record.

Step 2: Investment criteria

You can find out a lot of valuable information about each investor. Overview with their 5 most recent investments and their 5 biggest investments. 

Under Investment criteria you will find the investors specific criteria when making an investment. Maybe they’re looking at board seats, being part of the day-to-day operations etc.

We even present you with the investors Minimum and Maximum investment size, and how much money they still have available for new investments.

Step 3: Investment portfolio

Under the section Investment portfolio you get a great overview of all the current companies they have invested in. 

Maybe you find similar companies like yours or even competitors. 

This is a great way of finding a suitable investor.

Step 4: Contact information

Of course we provide you with updated contact information with: 

✅ Name 

✅  Title 

✅  Location 

✅  Linkedin 

✅  E-mail 

✅  Phone number

Fundraise & M&A

If your company would like assistance with the whole fundraising process we are here to help you!

We have partnerships with Investment banks all over the world and will match you with the best suitable partner for your specific case, with proven track record of successful capital raise with similar businesses as yours.

Contact us for a demo of our services