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Aggregated Data at its Best

21,000+ data sources and more than 200,000 data points boiled down into understandable and actionable data that can be used to instantly make important investment decisions!

Investor platform

Company data
Save time and money dealsourcing by searching in our database consisting of 110,000+ companies worldwide and find unique data and information, making it easier to make the right investment decisions.

Market data
Analyze a market and see in-depth information about market trends, market insights, market movers, pricing and much more.

Fund data
See what’s happening in the investment industry. Who has invested in what and how much? See what other firms are investing in.

Investment match
Let Dealpotential do the heavy lifting for you and put our AI and algorithms to work. Easily find the perfect company match for your next investment.

Ranking list
See rankings, stats and analytics on companies and potential targets.

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