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Granular data on 4+ million private companies, such as growth and market potential, competitive landscape, business model, funding history, risk factors, and much more.

Company overview

Discover the power of precision with our specific search filters that cover our extensive database of over 4 million privately owned companies from around the world. Get a complete overview of the company: description, founded year, country, number of employees, industry, industry popularity, sub-industries, vertical, business model, due diligence, industry insights, previous investors, potential future investors, similar investments, latest investment round, date, size, and total funding.

Streamline your search

Filter our company database by founded year, industry, vertical, country, city, website url, funding history, and number of employee, offering a deeper, more granular view. Not sure where to start or want to narrow your search even further? Use keywords to maximize precision.

Funding data

The funding provides a wealth of information to investors about a company’s funding history, understanding the company’s financial journey, investor relationships, and competitive positioning in the market. Showcasing the top 5 peers’ funding rounds, helps investors assess how the company’s fundraising performance stacks up against its peers. 

Matching markets

The matching markets help investors identify the most relevant markets for a specific company. It provides insights into related industries, allowing you to assess a company’s market relevance, potential opportunities, and risks quickly.

Competitor landscape

Analyze the company’s key competitors and evaluate their performance in direct comparison to the company. This enables investors to make well-informed assessments by providing side-by-side comparisons of two or more companies.


Be promptly notified of upcoming rounds and relevant company news such as hiring, growing departments, location expansions, new customers signed, product launches and much more.

Team data

Gain insights into a company’s next move and stay ahead. See if the company is outpacing competitors, industry averages, growth trends, performance across departments, and their hiring history. More job openings can mean better prospects. Our trend analysis lets you spot growth patterns and investment opportunities.


Follow the company’s news alerts. With daily updates, stay informed on the latest happenings. We cover 28 different news factors such as product launches, M&A, geographical expansion, IPO, funding rounds, new partnerships, and more.


When assessing a company, especially tech ones, a crucial factor to consider is the technology it employs. This helps gauge its modernity and efficiency. Explore tools and platforms that 4 million private companies in our database utilize in their day-to-day operations to improve productivity, analytics, and overall business processes,


We now track the connections of private companies within our database, including their partners, vendors, integrations, investors, parent companies, rebranding affiliations, publications, and others. Gain insights into what influences and sustains private businesses. Knowing who works with whom offers you an additional point of view when evaluating your next investment decision.

Perfect match

AI-powered feature leverages cutting-edge algorithms and comprehensive data analysis to identify investment opportunities that perfectly align with your specific goals, risk tolerance, and portfolio preferences. You can effortlessly discover investments that not only match your criteria but also have the potential to maximize your returns.

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Market trends and insights into various industries, dynamics, peers, cost- and revenue trends. Our reports contain not only historical data, but also predictive analytics and risk assessment.

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Explore recent deals, global fund data, and statistics, gaining unparalleled insights into the portfolios and strategies of over 31,000 institutional investors.


We collect information from over 21,000 sources, including financial institutions, research companies, and conduct our own research, which gives us over 200,000 data points. However, too much information can be confusing. Our goal is to make complex data simpler and easier to understand, so you can use it to make important business decisions right away.

We use special methods like unique calculations, computer programs, and AI technology, including machine learning and natural language generation, to provide you with data that is easy to understand. To learn more, please visit our Data webpage.

We cover more than 4 million international private companies. We work on a global scale with investors and entrepreneurs all over the world as we want to make a global impact.

We utilize it by leveraging AI, but also natural language generation (NLG), and machine learning (ML), to provide comprehensive and easily understandable findings to drive informed decision-making.

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