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AI-platform that emulates industry experts’ insights to automate and replace long dull research tasks and give you the confidence to make investment decisions.

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Access market, company and investment data to make the most informed investment decisions, based on sources you can trust.

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Find companies that align with your desired target prospects

Find out companies multiples, P&L, assets, debts, business model, growth potential, competitive landscape, and risk factors among others.


Locate investors, ensuring their contact information is verified

Get valuable knowledge about investors strategies, recent deals, portfolios and personalized statistics that provide deeper insights into their investment performance.


Stay updated on the latest market developments

Understanding of a market by market trends and insights into various industries, dynamics, peers, cost- and revenue trends.

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What Sets Us Apart

Accurate Data & Information

Our research team and network of external researchers provides quality and reliable data from trusted sources.

Daily Updates

Our team and network of more than 900+ researchers presents new and updated information on a daily basis.

AI + Human for Understandable Insights

We work with augmented analytics and combine AI, ML with NLG to give you clear insights without having to be a data scientist.

Superb Customer Service

We are here to help and support you. Our customer success and on-boarding team are ready to always go the extra mile for you.

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Data-Driven Investments

84% of investment firms believe data-driven investing will be a crucial part of their success within five years. 
Only 1% consider themselves being data-driven today. That is why our commitment to data is twofold, encompassing both the richness of private data and its credibility.

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Voices of Satisfaction

Inspiring testimonials of fundraising journeys from entrepreneurs around the globe are our motivation to keep making capital easily accessible to anyone.

Ketil Holmboe Hveding - Unoma
"It is not as easy as you think to get an investment, it takes more time and knowledge than you may assume. DealPotential helped us greatly in the know-how process, and investment market analysis and increased our chances to find suitable investors."

Ketil Holmboe Hveding, CEO

Pierre Grage Unevis
"I loved the support. The team was always there to help and went the extra mile. The platform is brilliant, easy to use, and helpful. Seeking funding is not my expertise so both the platform and the team helped me a great deal to understand better what investors want and how to present the information correctly to them."

Pierre Grage, Co-Founder & CEO

Simon Culmas
"DealPotential has made the whole investment journey more structured and easy for us, especially for the process know-how. The most helpful part was definitely the database of investors!"

Simon Lindebjerg, Co-Founder & CEO

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How DealPotential Solves Entrepreneurs' Challenges

Learn how startups at different stages use DealPotential to facilitate and speed up their fundraising journey up to 85%.

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We collect information from over 21,000 sources, including financial institutions, research companies, and our own research, which gives us over 200,000 data points. However, too much information can be confusing. Our goal is to make complex data simpler and easier to understand, so you can use it to make important business decisions right away.

We use special methods like unique calculations, computer programs, and artificial intelligence (AI) technology, including machine learning and natural language generation, to provide you with data that is easy to understand. This will give you an advantage over your competitors. To learn more, please visit our Data webpage.

We cover more than 2 million international private companies. We work on a global scale with investors and entrepreneurs all over the world as we want to make a global impact.

Yes, we are! Our advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology, together with machine learning (ML) and natural language generation (NLG), enables us to analyze data, uncover hidden patterns and trends, and gain insights that go beyond human capabilities.

We utilize it by leveraging AI, but also natural language generation (NLG), and machine learning (ML), to provide comprehensive and easily understandable findings to drive informed decision-making.

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