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Augmented Analytics

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Complexed data should not be hard to understand. We work with Augmented analytics and combine AI, Machine Learning with Natural Language Generation to give you understandable insights without having to be a data scientist.

DealPotential is a global Research, Data and SaaS company democratizing the capital market

We want to make capital more accessible to more people, so that more entrepreneurs can start, run and develop profitable innovative companies that create more jobs.

Why Choose DealPotential

We research and gather unique, mission critical, non-public and alternative data about companies all over the world. At the same time we collect investor and fund data and apply our metrics and algorithms with historical performance so that we can match the right companies with the right investors at the right time.


Get unique insights about more than 110,000+ companies worldwide


Search and match with more than 15,000+ investors from all around the world

Investment banks

Increase your deal flow and help clients with capital raise and M&A

We LOVE data!

We eat, breath and sleep data. It's in our DNA. We aggregate data from more than 21,000 sources with over 200,000 data points. But too much data can be overwhelming. We want to simplify advanced data and give you understandable information that immediately can be used to make critical business decisions.

By applying our unique metrics, algorithms and AI technology combined with Machine Learning and Natural Language Generation, we can deliver understandable data that put you way ahead of your competitors!


DealPotential Investor License

Gives Investors Who Want To Be At The Forefront An Unfair Advantage

Simplify your deal sourcing process and save time and money without the need of external experts. 

Market plans, Key Trends, Market analyzes, Growth plans, Hiring plans, Company valuations, Goal plans.

SWOT analyzes, Business plans, Financials, KPI's, Funding plans.

Team insights, Upcoming and ongoing seed rounds.

Spy on other investment firms, who will be most likely to go after the same targets as you.

Deal history, global fund data, statistics, target recommendations.

Connect with founders and collaborate with your peers.

Tech Entrepreneurs

DealPotential unlocks unbelievable fundraising potential for Tech companies looking to raise capital

DealPotential Entrepreneur Dashboard

Maybe The Most Powerful Investor Matching Tool Ever

Search, scout and match with the right investors, at the right stage, at the right time.

An extensive Investor database with more than 15,000+ global investment firms. Find your next investor!

Create your company profile and be visible to investors all over the world.

Pitch Deck Creator, a step-by-step fill-in-the-blanks framework created by DealPotential and top investment firms.

Seed invitation, invite the right investors to your next seed round.

Company valuation. Find out and learn your valuation and get the right funding.

Qualify for our Fundraising service or M&A service.

Company Valuation

What Is Your Company Valuation?

Let's Find Out!

Introducing The 5 Valuation Methods

Scorecard Method & Checklist Method

Developed by renowned American business angels
to value the elements that guarantee future success in
pre-revenues, early stage companies.

DCF with Long Term Growth & DCF with Multiple

The standard and most traditional methods
according to which a company is worth the cash that
it's going to generate in the future.

Venture Capital Method

To take into account the required returns investors
expect to earn when exiting the startup in order to
have a profitable portfolio.

(Can be purchased separately. Price: $1997)

You only need ONE investor who really believes in you. The problem is finding THE One.

More Reasons To Use DealPotential

"It's not bragging if it's true."

Constant updates

Our team and network of more than 900+ researchers presents new and updated information on a daily basis.

Global reach

We work on a global scale with investors and entrepreneurs all over the world. We want to make a global impact.

Superb customer service

We are here to help and support you. Our Customer Success and Onboarding team are ready to always go the extra mile for you.

Accurate data & information

Our research team and network of external researchers provides quality and reliable data from trusted sources.






Investment firms



Data sources
and 10x data points



Researchers in our network

Our Departments

DealPotential is divided into several different departments. All with their respective areas of expertise.

The Venture Team
Scouting for innovative Companies
The Deal Team
Investor relations, fundraising & M&A
The Research Team
Data research & analysis

Aggregated data becomes Augmented Analytics

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We have just getting started to revolutionize the world of funding. Keep following us and support us along the way. Things on our end are constantly moving, changing and developing.

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