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We research and gather unique, mission-critical, non-public and alternative data about companies and markets all over the world.

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Investment firms worldwide
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AI + Human for Understandable Insights

DealPotential leverages data and applies sophisticated predictive analytics models to forecast future market trends and investment opportunities. By analyzing patterns and historical performance, we can provide you with valuable insights and predictions that can guide and inform your investment strategy.

What Potential Applications Can Our Data Provide?

Growth signals

Real time updates about important KPIs. Companies with most hirings, most new customers, lowest churn, revenue increase, and more.

Spot competitors

Identify similar companies, analyze their performance, and understand market dynamics.

Market insights

Uncover opportunities through our advanced tools and features that allow you to analyze market trends and get in-depth insights into various industries.

Private company ratings

Compare private companies and make predictions about their future success through highly detailed data.

Event-based data

Never miss a seed round again. Get noticed on ongoing and upcoming investment rounds.

Advanced search

Filter results by criteria such as: industry, location, round, and more to find companies that match your investment needs. 


Take a look at our extensive database that includes valuation and revenue multiples.

Forecast market data

Our platform's forecast market data and advanced algorithms allow you to predict market trends and stay ahead of the competition.

Due diligence

Access information to cover all of your due diligence needs in one place.


With our extensive database of private companies, you can easily find potential buyout opportunities and acquire the right company for your investment portfolio.

Market dimensions

Utilize our market sizing estimate database to pinpoint the most promising markets for investment and expansion.

Company profiles

Get an up-to-date access to a wide range of different company, team analysis and its latest financing rounds and valuation.

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