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Why choose DealPotential?

Private investment data & insights

Access detailed information from over 31,000+ global investment funds and their investments in the private market. Fortify your investment strategy with previously inaccessible insights.

Sector-specific market intelligence

Arm yourself with data on 750+ global markets and industry trends, with forecasts and pivotal insights. Make intelligent investment decisions with sector-specific knowledge.

Company-based KPIs & comparisons

Navigate through data from over 4 million companies worldwide, tracking 200+ KPIs. Evaluate potential investments against industry averages, and peers to accelerate your investment analysis.

What makes us stand out?

Predictive M&A capabilities

With our advanced algorithms, not only can you stay updated, but also foresee M&A activities. Align your next move with the market even before it takes shape.

Rapid report generation

Generate detailed company or market reports within seconds, a process that often takes analysts lengthy periods. Unfold information in no time and focus on strategy, not data collation.

Guidance from industry experts

Our platform also offers a wealth of expert insights, providing unique perspectives that enrich your investment decision process.

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Sign up for just $249 per user per month and get year-long access to insights that can pivot your investment game. Experience the intelligence tool that is revolutionizing the private equity industry.

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Latest market & investment reports

Gain insights into various industries, key investment trends, and future projections in the private market—driven by DealPotential data.

DealPotential solution

Company, investment, and market data.
Find all the answers in one place instead of using multiple data sources.

Campany data

Granular data on 4+ million private companies, such as growth and market potential, competitive landscape, business model, funding history, risk factors, and much more.

Market data

Access comprehensive market data, including key statistics like revenue metrics, competition, and more, for over 750 markets.

Investment data

Dive deep into investment strategies, recent deals, portfolios, and personalized statistics, covering 31,000+ investment firms.

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