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Overcome the traditional constraints of consulting with our comprehensive business intelligence software. DealPotential empowers your firm with in-depth investment insights, market trends, and essential stats on millions of globally operating companies. Reinvent your consulting prowess and give your clients the edge in their industries.

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Why choose DealPotential?

Expansive investment data

Leverage data from over 31,000+ global investment funds and their private market transactions to guide your client's investment strategy.

Dynamic market insights

Stay one step ahead with insights on 750+ different markets and industry trends. Equip your clients with the knowledge to navigate changing landscapes.

Smart company analysis

Evaluate over 4 million global companies through 200+ KPIs. Support your clients towards better decisions by offering them competitive benchmarking.

What sets us ahead?

Predictive capabilities

Anticipate M&A activities with our advanced analytics. Enable your clients to seize the market opportunities of the future, today.

Rapid report generation

Generate comprehensive company or market reports within seconds. Maximize your client interactions by focusing on insights, not data gathering.

Premium expert insights

Deepen your industry understanding with our expert insights. Enrich your consulting engagements with context, nuance and deeply researched perspectives.

DealPotential Pricing - Investment and Market Intelligence Platform

Consulting with a competitive edge, priced simplistically

Experience the next level of business intelligence for just $249 per user per month. Access DealPotential’s exhaustive suite of insights for an entire year, and redefine your consulting creation.

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Latest market & investment reports

Gain insights into various industries, key investment trends, and future projections in the private market—driven by DealPotential data.

DealPotential solution

Company, investment, and market data.
Find all the answers in one place instead of using multiple data sources.

Campany data

Granular data on 4+ million private companies, such as growth and market potential, competitive landscape, business model, funding history, risk factors, and much more.

Market data

Access comprehensive market data, including key statistics like revenue metrics, competition, and more, for over 750 markets.

Investment data

Dive deep into investment strategies, recent deals, portfolios, and personalized statistics, covering 31,000+ investment firms.

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