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Save yourself weeks & resources of market research

Our market insights offer a deep dive into over 750 markets, providing you comparable forecasts, KPIs, and detailed analyses of critical statistics such as revenue metrics, dynamics, and competition.

Navigate seamlessly through organized categories

Effortlessly explore organized categories, designed to streamline your search for valuable insights. Whether you’re delving into the expansive realm of “digital” or honing in on specific sub-categories like e-commerce or fintech, our platform ensures smooth navigation and easy access to relevant reports.

DealPotential Market Insights and Intelligence
DealPotential Market Insights and Intelligence

Accelerate insights with instant market reports

Generate market reports of your desired sub-market in seconds, ensuring you have instant access to the information you need. Explore the latest market developments, trends, dynamics, and competition to remain proactive in your investment or business strategies.

Transparent methodology

We list all data sources, modeling methods, and forecasting techniques to provide you with additional confidence, a clear understanding, and optimal utilization of our data for informed decision-making.

DealPotential Market Insights and Intelligence

Stay ahead with market forecasts

Our reports don’t just dwell on the past, they incorporate predictive analytics and risk assessment, offering a forward-looking perspective on market trends and potential outcomes.

Data-driven intelligence for redefining your productivity

All you need to understand the industry outlook, easily.

Market overview

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the market's landscape through concise definitions and detailed overviews.

Downloadable reports

Download specific market report to PDF, and share it with people in- or outside your organization.

Visual analytics

Dive deep into informative graphs and charts showcasing crucial data points such as revenue by segment, growth trends, and future forecasts, and more.

Related sub-markets

Expand your research horizons by following links to related sub-markets, allowing for deeper exploration and a broader understanding of the market ecosystem.

Access in-depth insights on 750+ markets

We did the research. You make informed decisions.

Our actionable insights, sourced from reliable channels, are available at the click of a button, eliminating the need for time-consuming research processes and external parties.

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Latest insights

In-depth analyses, trends, and future projections across various markets and industries—powered by DealPotential data.

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Find your next target, & accelerate due diligence

Access granular data on 4+ million private companies, such as growth and market potential, competitive landscape, business model, funding history, risk factors, and much more.

Access capital flow & co-investing opportunities

Explore recent deals, global fund data, and statistics, gaining unparalleled insights into the portfolios and strategies of over 31,000 institutional investors.


We collect information from over 21,000 sources, including financial institutions, research companies, and conduct our own research, which gives us over 200,000 data points. However, too much information can be confusing. Our goal is to make complex data simpler and easier to understand, so you can use it to make important business decisions right away.

We use special methods like unique calculations, computer programs, and AI technology, including machine learning and natural language generation, to provide you with data that is easy to understand. To learn more, please visit our Data webpage.

We cover more than 4 million international private companies. We work on a global scale with investors and entrepreneurs all over the world as we want to make a global impact.

We utilize it by leveraging AI, but also natural language generation (NLG), and machine learning (ML), to provide comprehensive and easily understandable findings to drive informed decision-making.

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