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Never miss another successful investment opportunity again

Access unique private market, company, and investment data to make the most informed investment and business decisions.

DealPotential solution

Main benefits

All-in-one solution

All-in-one solution when deal sourcing, analyzing, and evaluating a company, market, investment, or business decision.

Trusted data

DealPotential sources data from financial institutions, and applies algorithms to present it in a simple, user-friendly format.


Set your investment preferences and be promptly notified about the next opportunity. Generate reports tailored to your strategy.


DealPotential allows quick and easy access to unique private data, saving you hours on research and enabling you to focus on strategic tasks.

Steps towards your perfect investment match

DealPotential - Private Company Data & Intelligence Platform

company data

Find your next target, or accelerate due diligence

Access granular data on 4+ million private companies, such as growth and market potential, competitive landscape, business model, funding history, risk factors, and much more.

market data

In-depth market insights at your fingertips

Market trends and insights into various industries, dynamics, peers, cost- and revenue trends. Our reports contain not only historical data, but also predictive analytics and risk assessment.

DealPotential - Global Market Data & Intelligence Platform
DealPotential - Investment Data & Intelligence Platform

investment data

Access capital flow & co-investing opportunities

Investors strategies, portfolios, recent deals updated daily, contacts and deeper insights into investment performance of 30,000+ institutional investors.

Experience Business Intelligence & Unique private data Like Never Before

Before hiring an industry expert for your next target, consider a second opinion, first.

AI platform that emulates industry experts’ insights to automate and replace long, dull research tasks, empowering you to make confident business decisions.

FinancesOnline awarded DealPotential The Rising Star 2024 Award!

DealPotential has been recognized with The Rising Star 2024 Award and as a Verified Quality Provider.

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our resources

Latest market & investment reports

Gain insights into various industries, key investment trends, and future projections in the private market—driven by DealPotential data.

How can you use DealPotential

Growth signals

Real time updates about important KPIs. Companies with most hirings, most new customers, lowest churn, revenue increase, and more.

Spot competitors

Identify similar companies, analyze their performance, and understand market dynamics.

Market insights

Uncover opportunities through our advanced tools and features that allow you to analyze market trends and get in-depth insights into various industries.

Private company ratings

Compare private companies and make predictions about their future success through highly detailed data.

Event-based data

Never miss a seed round again. Get noticed on ongoing and upcoming investment rounds.

Advanced search

Filter results by criteria such as: industry, location, round, and more to find companies that match your investment needs. 


Take a look at our extensive database that includes valuation and revenue multiples.

Forecast market data

Our platform's forecast market data and advanced algorithms allow you to predict market trends and stay ahead of the competition.

Due diligence

Access information to cover all of your due diligence needs in one place.


With our extensive database of private companies, you can easily find potential buyout opportunities and acquire the right company for your investment portfolio.

Market dimensions

Utilize our market sizing estimate database to pinpoint the most promising markets for investment and expansion.

Company profiles

Get an up-to-date access to a wide range of different company, team analysis and its latest financing rounds and valuation.

Let AI reduce your research workload

We use natural language generation combined with AI and machine learning to get undiscovered insights and make the findings understandable for everyone, in seconds.

Personalized approach & perfect match

Our cutting-edge algorithms are equipped to predict future M&A activities, providing you with a forward-looking perspective to strategize and plan.

Company signals

Be promptly notified of upcoming rounds or relevant company developments, aligning with your investment preferences, and enabling effective capital-raising initiatives.

Reports generated immediately

Generate comprehensive company or market reports in seconds, a task that traditionally would take days for seasoned analysts. Time is money, and we save you both.​

Latest deals & news

On average, we track 100 deals and 200 news daily. Recently closed rounds, whether announced or completed, are complemented by various news factors such as product launches, M&A, geographical expansion, IPOs, new partnerships, and more.

what our customers say about us

Voices of satisfaction

Inspiring testimonials are our motivation to keep enabling investors around the globe to make informed decisions. 


Yes, our clients are entitled to a 7-day free trial which includes unrestricted access to DealPotential’s extensive compilation of market, company, and investor data. This exclusive offer presents investors with an unparalleled opportunity to gain first-hand experience with the benefits of data-driven decision-making. To request a complimentary trial, please fill out the form provided on this page.

No, it is not required as the trial is provided free of charge. You are not obligated to provide any payment information during the registration process.


Before hiring an industry expert for your next target, consider a second opinion, first.

AI platform that emulates industry experts’ insights to automate and replace long, dull research tasks, empowering you to make confident business decisions.
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