About us - Dealpotential

We are a Data & information company a Research company a SaaS company Connecting Investors & Tech EntrepreneursDealPotential

What we do

DealPotential (formerly Pitchagon) is a Data & Research company founded in Sweden and launched in 2022, working on a global scale.

DealPotential research and gathers Financial and Fund data all over the world as well as Alternative data on non-public companies and offers a comprehensive global fund data platform. The SaaS platform helps both Tech companies and Investors (VC’s and PE) to find unique data and insights about matching investment opportunities.

We apply our own algorithms with AI, Machine Learning and Natural Language Generation to discover mission critical information and simplify the data and make it understandable for everyone.

We don’t compromise with the
best Company Analytics Solution

Gathering data from 21,000+ sources and over 230,000 data points and with more than 900 researchers in our network makes us a comprehensive Data provider!

Why Tech Entrepreneurs should use our platform

To find the right investors and get the funding needed.

Get access to one of the worlds largest Investor database with more than 15,000 investors (VC's & PE.)

Powerful matching algorithms that quickly discovers the investors that are most potentially interested in investing in you.

Easily create a Company profile and Pitch Deck that you can send to the investors.

Know your worth! Get a Company valuation with 5 different valuation methods.

Why investors should use our platform

To discover potential deals and get incredible insights that makes investment decisions more accurate.

Search and Deal source in our global database of 110,000+ tech companies with unique data.

Find unique insights about specific markets, industries or companies that you are looking at and make better, safer, faster and smarter investment decisions.

Find global fund data & statistics. Spy on your competitors or see who might be willing to co-invest with you.

Harness the power of our algorithms, AI, Machine Learning and Natural Language Generation technology that makes your Data Team become even more outstanding!

Aggregated data becomes Augmented Analytics

Your Success is Our Success

"We strive to be a reliable, innovative, fast-growing, humble and fun partner to work with. Our success lies in the success of our clients so we are always prepared to go the extra mile to create additional value for you!"

Daniel Antonsson
Founder & CEO DealPotential