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About Us

We’re on a journey to democratize the capital market

Our mission is to contribute to sustainable investments where more entrepreneurs
gain access to capital, and investors have a better foundation for making informed investment decisions
so that today’s ideas can become tomorrow’s solutions.

A brief history of DealPotenital story

About us

DealPotential is a Swedish-based data and research company with a worldwide presence.
Our SaaS platform offers financial and fund data for non-public companies globally, connected with exclusive insights and analytics for investors. Utilizing advanced algorithms, including AI, machine learning, and natural language generation, we simplify complex data to make it understandable.

About Us DealPotential

DealPotential's story

In 2021, DealPotential began its journey from a mere concept on the drawing board. Co-founders Peter Evjan and Daniel Antonsson united their determination and vision, bringing their expertise and passion to the forefront.

By 2022, fueled by our entrepreneurial spirit, we introduced our innovative solution tailored for ambitious entrepreneurs seeking funding and investment opportunities. This marked the first milestone in our quest to revolutionize the capital market.       

In 2023, we launched our investor solution, emphasizing our commitment in providing actionable insights and analytics to investors.

At the core of our journey is a team of exceptional individuals, each with a wealth of experience, Our founders bring experience from successful ventures and established corporations, with notable achievements in scaling a company from $60 M to an impressive $1.6 B (IPO: Stockholm Nasdaq Large Cap).

At DealPotential, we are committed to our mission of providing individuals with the tools and insights needed to navigate the dynamic landscape of finance and investments with confidence.

A word from our CEO

Dear readers,

Entrepreneurs often start their businesses because they identify needs within markets themselves.

Our story is no different.

The founders—Martin, Mia, and I—met while working at Byggfakta Group, a leading Nordic company that provides data and digital solutions to construction industry professionals, helping them make informed decisions and streamline their projects.
As CEO, with Martin and Mia also in leadership roles for over 10 years, we experienced a fantastic growth journey at Byggfakta, culminating in a $1.6 billion IPO on the Stockholm Nasdaq Large Cap.

Can you already see where this is going?
So, how did we enter the investment market?

During our tenure at Byggfakta, and continuing today, I have been repeatedly recognized as an industry expert, often consulted for so-called expert calls. These requests come from investors or potential buyers of companies in the construction market. Consultants would prepare reports and insights to present to management boards.
It’s surprising how much time and money are invested in this process.

And that’s how the idea for DealPotential was born.

We provide a solution to professionals in the investment industry, helping them make informed decisions and streamline their investment and business strategies.

Most importantly, we bridge the data trust gap in private markets, as our data is sourced directly from financial institutions, not web-scraped.

Daniel Antonsson, 
Chief Executive Officer

DealPotential team

Martin Jamt
Co-founder & CRO
Peter Evjan
Co-Founder / CTO
Mia Nyman
Co-founder & COO
Daniel Antonsson
Founder & CEO
Andjela Cvetinovic
Product Owner
Kateryna Karpova
Software Developer
Nataliia Bokhonska
Software Developer
Ana Kujavic
UI/UX designer
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Partnership with Legendary ventures

Collaboration driven by a shared commitment to nurturing strategic co-investment opportunities. Our distinctive private data, investment and market intelligence supports Legendary VC in its mission to identify ideal co-investors for future ventures while also assessing businesses and markets.

Jan 24, 2024

DealPotential Market Reports and Investment Insights

First annual report released: Investment landscape & markets

DealPotential has released its first annual report containing comprehensive insights into the diverse investment landscapes of 2023 and global emerging markets, showcasing top deals, prominent investors, and impactful companies in the U.S. market.

Dec 8, 2023

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