About Us

DealPotential is a Swedish-based data & research company launched in 2022, with a global presence.

The company is founded by two childhood friends, Peter Evjan and Daniel Antonsson, who came together and created a startup with global potential from day one.

Our SaaS platform provides financial and fund data on non-public companies worldwide, along with unique insights and analytics for tech companies and investors.

We use advanced algorithms, including AI, machine learning, and natural language generation to simplify the data and make it understandable to all.

Our Mission & Vision

We’re on a journey to democratize the capital market. Our mission is to contribute to sustainable investments where more entrepreneurs get access to capital, and investors get a better basis for making the right investment decision so that today’s ideas can become tomorrow’s solutions.

Our vision is to become a global market-leading company and create a brand and a company that everyone can lean on.

  1. 2021

    Drawing Board

  2. 2021

    Co-Founders Onboard 

  3. 2022

    Entrepreneur Platform

  4. 2023

    Investor Platform

Meet The Team

Founders & management

Daniel Antonsson
CEO & Head of Marketing
Mia Nyman
COO & Head of Research
Peter Evjan
CTO & Head of IT
Martin Jamt
CRO & Head of Sales

Sales team

Love Diedrich
Sales Executive
Kjell Lidberg
Richard Karlsson

Marketing team

Andjela Cvetinovic
Product Growth Marketing Manager
Beata Pierre
Product Growth Marketing Manager
Sara Musliu
Content Manager

Development team

Kateryna Karpova
Software Developer
Nataliia Bokhonska
Software Developer
Thiru Njuguna
Software Developer
Ana Kujavic
UI/UX designer

News & Press

March 14, 2023

DealPotential announces the launch of their new platform: DealPotential for Investors

We believe that every investor deserves access to sophisticated analytics, to make great decisions and our platform delivers just that.”
Daniel Antonsson
CEO of DealPotential


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