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Explore recent deals, global fund data, and statistics, gaining unparalleled insights into the portfolios and strategies of over 31,000 institutional investors.

Investor overview

Basic information about the investor, including description, country, firm type, number of employees, total assets, and year of establishment. Figures such as portfolio count, dry powder, portfolio value, and so on, provide insights into an investor’s scale of operations and financial health. Informative charts display data on investments by year, country, five most recent, and five largest investments.

Investor news

  • We now also track news on 31,000+ institutional investors, providing immediate access to updates encompassing an average of 100 deals and 2,000 news items daily. This includes recently closed rounds—whether announced or completed—as well as other crucial activities such as M&As, fund performance reports, partnerships, regulatory changes, and much more.

Navigate investor database with custom filters

  • Streamline your search by filtering our investor database by firm type, size in terms of employee number or total assets, dry powder, preferred industries and verticals, countries, main applied strategies, and involvement in companies. Use a narrowed search to find your ideal co-investor, or delve into your competitors’ strategies.

Investment analytics

Gain valuable insights into investment strategies and analytics with: minimum and maximum investment, typical rounds, industries, and verticals, investment deal values and portfolios. Detailed breakdown investment history through different charts and statistics.

Investment portfolio

Explore companies in which the investor has invested, sorted by most recent. Filter by industry and access essential information with a single click.

Investments preferences

Dive deeper with access into investor’s preferences, uncovering invaluable insights not available elsewhere. These encompass portfolio company financial inclinations, preferred investment roles (e.g., co-investing, lead, sole investor), shareholding preferences (e.g., preference for control), favored company sizes, investment stages, verticals, industries, locations, and company situations such as distressed scenarios or international growth potential.


Access comprehensive contact information for all personnel within the firm, ensuring easy connections with the right individuals.


Utilize predefined reports, including Investors with most dry powder, Highest participation rate, Industries with the most capital invested, and Companies with the largest deals among many others. Specify additional filter criteria and preview reports as lists or graphs for strategic decision-making.

Investment deals

Delve into a detailed overview of investment transactions using intuitive search filters such as Country, Investment Round, and Industry. Unveil relevant deals matching your selected filters instantly. Refine your search by deal status – Completed, Rejected, Abandoned, Bidding, or Announced.

Perfect match

AI-powered feature leverages cutting-edge algorithms and comprehensive data analysis to identify investment opportunities that perfectly align with your specific goals, risk tolerance, and portfolio preferences. You can effortlessly discover investments that not only match your criteria but also have the potential to maximize your returns.

Data-driven intelligence for redefining your productivity

All you need to gain a competitive edge, quickly.

Investment landscape overview

Understand the investment landscape at geographical and industry levels. Track previous deals, industry focus, preferences, and more.

Team collaboration

Centralize portfolio and prospect data, track interactions, and share information seamlessly with colleagues through our investor CRM.

Visual analytics

Instantly access vital data points like investors' dry powder, participation rate, top industries for investment, and largest deals through informative graphs and charts.

Market data

Ensure confidence of your decisions by expanding your research to related markets, and exploring their growth and risk potentials.

Dive into portfolios of over 31,000 institutional investors

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Market trends and insights into various industries, dynamics, peers, cost- and revenue trends. Our reports contain not only historical data, but also predictive analytics and risk assessment.

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Access granular data on 4+ million private companies, such as growth and market potential, competitive landscape, business model, funding history, risk factors, and much more.


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