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Make Investment Decisions with Confidence, or Raise Funds Faster with platform for investors and entrepreneurs


The Most Powerful
Investor Matching Tool

Explore our wide-ranging investor database for the perfect fit, or save time and let our system do the matching for you.


A Pitch Deck That Gets You Funded

After conducting numerous interviews and gathering feedback from investors, we have established a winning formula.

Feature pitch deck creator screens


Manage Your
Investor Funnel

Use our platform as a CRM to manage your fundraising funnel faster and more efficiently.


Prepare Due Diligence,
With No Effort

Our due diligence module is created in line with investors’ requirements. Enter your information and have the reports generated by the system.

Feature due diligence screens

Statistically, 0.5% of businesses receive investments. With DealPotential, the hit rate increases significantly, while you will save 85% of your time.


Get a Company Valuation with Five Different Valuation Methods

Deappotential feature for company valuation

We analyze a startup's value from three different angles in order to generate a more in-depth and reliable assessment.

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We want to make capital more accessible to more people, so that more entrepreneurs can start, run, and develop profitable innovative companies that create more jobs.

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How DealPotential Solves Entrepreneurs' Challenges

Learn how startups at different stages use DealPotential to facilitate and speed up their fundraising journey up to 85%.


Yes, as a freemium model. You can register your company here, free of charge, and become visible in our DealPotential Investor platform that VCs, PEs and investment bankers use when seeking their next business opportunity. Furthermore, you get access to an AI-powered pitch deck creator and due diligence module.

DealPotential not only provides a comprehensive database but also functions as an investor CRM. You can utilize this CRM to invite suitable investors to your upcoming seed round and send customized emails and pitch decks to multiple investors simultaneously. Additionally, you can keep track of investors’ interactions with your pitch deck, including who viewed it, how long they spent viewing it, how many times they accessed it, and when they last visited.

Our customer success team is there to help assist you in each step of the fundraising journey. We could introduce you to investors through warm introductions based on shared connections.

Yes, if you want to become searchable and attractive in our investors’ platform, as well as have a winning pitch deck generated by our (AI) system. Furthermore, the company profile will later help you prepare due diligence, as this module is s created in line with investors’ requirements. 

Speed Up Your Fundraising & Deal Closure Process

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