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Empowering Unoma’s Journey to Funding Success

Empowering Unoma’s Journey to Funding Success

About Unoma

Unoma Action Board is a digital platform for companies in the building and construction industry that are concerned with overview, efficiency, and increased profitability.

The platform gained popularity due to its ability to have all important information in one place and provide an overview as well as having an effective automated collection of data from underlying subject systems that provides timely information. However, despite its success, Unoma Action Board faced challenges in its founding journey, mostly around a lack of “process know-how” on the funding journey thus, leading to limited resources for capital investment. Additionally, the company struggled with creating an impactful pitch deck to attract potential investors. Seeking a solution that aligned with their specific needs, they turned to DealPotential.

The Problem

Unoma had tried several other platforms, including traditional crowdfunding platforms, however, they were not suitable for their goals. DealPotential’s tailored approach to connecting companies with a select group of investors perfectly complemented Unoma Action Board’s vision of securing a small number of dedicated investors rather than relying on mass crowdfunding. 

Asked about advice Unoma would offer to other entrepreneurs raising capital, they answered: “It is not as easy as they think to get an investment, it takes more time and process know-how than you may assume. Also, no company should use all your funds before you secure another investment or funding round”.

Endless Lists

Other platforms in the market lack the ability to provide the perfect investor match, leading to time-consuming searches.

Lack of Know-How

Limited awareness of the time and effort required to secure funds, attract investors, and effectively navigate the complexities of the fundraising journey.

The Solution

Although Unoma Action Board had not fully utilized the DealPotential platform at the time, they expressed their satisfaction with the user-friendly interface which they appreciated. Moreover, the SWOT analysis tool proved to be an invaluable resource that supported Unoma Action Board as they expressed their plans in developing a compelling pitch deck, a feature that the platform already offers, in order to showcase each client’s unique value proposition, as well as starting the journey to reach out to the vast number of potential investors.

SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis tool supported Unoma in developing a compelling pitch deck and reaching out to potential investors, showcasing their unique value proposition.

It is not as easy as you think to get an investment, it takes more time and knowledge than you may assume. DealPotential helped us to a great extent in the know-how process, and investment market analysis and increased our chances to find suitable investors.

Ketil Holmboe Hveding

chief executive officer
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