Investment Insights Unveiled: UNEVIS Xlab’s Valuation Report Shines Light on Lucrative Opportunities

Investment Insights Unveiled: UNEVIS Xlab's Valuation Report Shines Light on Lucrative Opportunities

About UNEVIS Xlab

UNEVIS Xlab, a Hamburg-based company, was founded in 2020 to address the unique challenges of modern marketing through the fusion of art and technology.

As a fully remote organization, UNEVIS Xlab brings together top talent from across Europe to develop cutting-edge solutions in Visual Effects, Gaming, and Automotive industries. Leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence, the company offers Immersive Studio services that provide innovative solutions for real-time and immersive experiences.

Their pioneering work in automating automotive CAD data with AI has established them as leaders in the Automotive Content Industry. UNEVIS Xlab continues to assist organizations in bridging the gap between art and automation. As a company that is committed to helping businesses thrive in a rapidly changing world, UNEVIS Xlab offers AI-powered solutions that drive performance and success.

The Problem

DealPotential’s journey with UNEXIS Xlab, started back when the company joined the DealPotential for Entrepreneurs platform, in order to attract investors who best match their needs. The company recognized the need for assistance in developing their service and navigating the market. Initially uncertain about their value and how to approach potential investors, they sought the evaluation reports to gain clarity.

Secure Investment

Establishing the value of UNEVIS Xlab and attracting investors becomes a formidable challenge when the company's worth is unknown.

The Solution

DealPotential played a crucial role in empowering UNEVIS Xlab with a winning pitch deck, as a starter, in order to be presented in the most meaningful way to potential investors. With the platform’s expertise in the field, and the understanding of the unique challenges faced by companies like UNEVIS, we were able to craft a compelling and persuasive pitch deck.

During the process, DealPotential worked closely with UNEVIS Xlab and the team, during one-on-one meetings in order to identify their key strengths and value propositions, ensuring that these were effectively, clearly and precisely communicated in the pitch deck.

With DealPotential’s guidance, UNEVIS was able to present a comprehensive and compelling pitch deck that demonstrated their deep understanding of the market, their unique value proposition, and their commitment to driving performance and success with AI-powered solutions. This enabled UNEVIS to attract potential investors on the DealPotential platform, significantly enhancing their chances of securing the necessary funding to fuel their growth and continue their groundbreaking work.

Another feature UNEVIS Xlab greatly appreciated and found immense value in, was the valuation report provided by DealPotential for Entrepreneurs platform. The valuation report served as a comprehensive analysis of UNEVIS’ business and investment potential, offering valuable insights.

The comprehensive valuation reports provided by DealPotential instilled confidence in UNEVIS Xlab by highlighting their value and potential. This newfound confidence made it easier for them to reach out to investors and determine the appropriate amount to ask for in a funding round. The valuation reports played a pivotal role in empowering UNEVIS Xlab to navigate the investment landscape with conviction and strategic clarity.

With a compelling value proposition, a winning pitch deck and incredible eye for innovation, UNEVIS Xlab is set to continue delivering AI-powered solutions that keep businesses ahead of the curve.

Company Valuation

Using 5 different methods, DealPotential provided valutation report of UNEVIS, empowering strategic decision-making in funding rounds by determining the company's worth and enabling better negotiation for funding.

Winning Pitch Deck

DealPotential's support and designers assisted UNEVIS Xlab in creating a compelling pitch deck, boosting their chances of attracting investors and securing funding.

I loved the support. The team was always there to help and went the extra mile. The platform is brilliant, easy to use, and helpful. Seeking funding is not my expertise so both the platform and the team helped me a great deal to understand better what investors want and how to present the information correctly to them. 

Pierre Grage

co-founder & CEO
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