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With the aim of providing access to hard-to-find private data and actionable insights, our platform stands as a beacon in the business and investment industry. If you operate within this sphere and are considering complementing the services, we invite you to explore partnership opportunities with us.

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If your business operates in the entrepreneurial realm and supports the startup journey in starting or expanding a business, we would be delighted to enhance your offerings with our entrepreneur platform. It includes an investor database, pitch deck creation tool, and valuation report services.

Some of our strategic affiliates

Checkmate Equity

Checkmate Equity is personal equity administrator, offering an affordable, fixed-rate, and white-glove solution for managing cap tables on platforms like Carta. Whether in need for onboarding onto cap table management software, ongoing equity administration assistance, or a comprehensive cap table audit, they deliver prompt and accurate results. In partnership, Checkmate Equity and DealPotential share a common mission of facilitating the lives of startups and entrepreneurs by alleviating the burden of administrative tasks and time-consuming affairs. Through this collaboration, you can enjoy a 15% discount on Checkmate Equity services when purchased through DealPotential.

Legendary Ventures

Legendary VC is a venture capital firm that accelerates value creation for early-stage startups in the consumer, retail, and technology industries.  The partnership is driven by our shared commitment to nurturing strategic co-investment opportunities. Our distinctive private data, investment, and market intelligence platform is supporting Legendary VC in its mission to identify ideal co-investors for future ventures while also assessing businesses and markets.


Niches is a company specializing in organizing online events for Limited Partners (LPs) and General Partners (GPs), particularly focusing on the venture studio ecosystem. They provide extensive resources and a community platform for individuals and organizations involved in venture building, startup studios, and venture capital.

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Tailor our solutions to fit your specific partnership needs, offering the flexibility and scalability to adapt to changes in your business landscape and maximize the value of our collaboration.

Brand building

Enhance your brand reputation and credibility through our partnership, positioning your business as a trusted industry leader and attracting potential partners and opportunities.get in-depth insights into various industries.

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Feature your brand in our newsletter, reaching a broad audience of investment professionals, business leaders, and entrepreneurs, offering prime visibility and fostering potential partnerships and growth opportunities.

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