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Germany’s Corporate Commitment to Sustainability 2024

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Germany’s Corporate Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainable investing is becoming a powerful force in financial markets, attracting investors seeking financial returns while prioritizing ESG criteria. Germany, known for its commitment to sustainability, excels in growth, employment, social security, and environmental protection. Many German companies are dedicated to their social responsibility, making it one of the world’s most sustainable industrialized nations. This report provides an in-depth analysis of corporate sustainability in Germany, focusing on recent years while also considering historical data. It examines the efforts and achievements of German companies in various sectors regarding their ESG performance.

Germany’s corporate commitment to sustainability report 2024

Format: PDF | 23 pages | Region: Germany May 2024 | Delivery: Immediate

Key findings

And much more.

Industry and committee measures

Leading actions taken up by companies as part of sustainability efforts worldwide 2022

Inside the report

Sustainability company rankings

Industry and committee measures

Sustainability in the B2B sector

Impact of digitalization on corporate sustainability

Consumer perspective

Government policy and economic impact

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